Maintenance Reports

Learn about maintenance reports

AJ Wilkins offers a reporting service in terms of what may require maintenance and painting work to both interiors and exteriors which maybe of use particularly around purchasing or selling homes and ongoing maintenance programs tailored to suit your individual home.

Another point to get right at the beginning of a potential painting project is to ascertain the integrity of the existing paint system as over time while the substrate may appear sound the actual base of the system may be letting go. This can lead to bubbling as the new modern paint systems can pull on the old paint as they flex with hot and cold temperatures.

Lead based paints were used commonly on the older homes and care and protection is required around the preparation of these surfaces to ensure the prevention of spreading around dusts and scrappings. Pre 1970s homes also had asbestos in some of the fibre cement cladding so it is very important to be aware of the substrates requiring preparation and painting before work starts. Tests for both these substances can avoid problems further down the track. Identification is key here and can be highlighted in a report.