Eastbourne Sports & Services Club – Exterior Painting

Eastbourne Sports & Services Club – Exterior Painting

An invitation to quote for the exterior re-paint of the Eastbourne Sports and Services Club was sent out to around six painting firms and local Eastbourne Painting firm A J Wilkins Ltd were pleased to land the job. The work was optimally scheduled to be completed in mid-summer prior to the 100th Eastbourne Cricket Club commemoration event. Representatives from all the combined sports clubs and returned services club were involved in the project.


Eastbourne Sports and Services Club - paint job

One important aspect for working on the site was a health and safety plan to be adhered to with regular toolbox meetings accessing risks to ensure the wellbeing of the staff both at AJ Wilkins and at the Sports and Services Club and of course, the public that regularly walks past and uses the connected rugby and cricket ground.

Eastbourne Sports and Services Club - exterior paintint

The aim apart from much-needed maintenance was to really breathe some new life into the building and create a new fresh look while protecting the surfaces with a new paint system. The previous colour scheme was somewhat dated and generally, the whole place looked tired, not helped by many rusty nails bleeding through the old paint system.




Situated right on the waterfront in Wellington harbour, the site stands in full-force of the elements and receives its fair share of wind, rain and with that salt and sand. So the challenge was to make sure the surfaces were kept clean between weather events and preparation went as far as being thorough in terms of any weak areas hanging in from such exposure and previous paint jobs done usually by club members.


Achievements Results

Being a community project AJ Wilkins was happy to work at such a great site and were focused on providing a quality result. The surfaces were thoroughly prepared, rusty areas treated and primed, all bare timber spot primed and then followed by a full primer-undercoat. On this foundation, two coats of Resene Sonyx were applied to really provide a decent barrier to the elements Wellington weather can throw at a building by the sea from beating hot sun to freezing wind-driven rain.

Eastbourne Sports and Services Club paint job


The feedback, especially from the club members and public, has been amazing and the new look really has brought the building from looking tired to freshly restored and complemented by newly fitted spouting. The AJ Wilkins team absolutely loved working on the project and some of the staff have now joined as club members.